Jerry Blank Artist

“Everything has beauty, but not every one sees it.” Confusious

Just a little bit about my art life— I’ve been painting as a career now for over twenty-one years. Mostly the

time spent in front of a canvas was a learning experience, learning to manipulate color, texture, layout,

and even mood and emotion.

In the early years that started with a year-long sabbatical in Paris, I was just learning how to push paint

around a canvas, basically seeking a distinctive painting style. So that year in Paris, I was painting what I

saw, mostly cityscapes and landscapes. Returning to the States and then moving to Las Vegas, I continued

painting street scenes, mostly Las Vegas. From there a transition to another genre. Being a huge jazz buff,

painting jazz legends was natural for me. I loved capturing a sense of history and culture in montage style

and for several years I was mainly exploring jazz and music-themed paintings. Along the way, other

subjects captured my interests— figurative, cafe and bar scenes, celebrities, endangered species, 

I’ve contemplated what is the common theme between all these diverse subject matters. What I’ve decided

is that the expression of  beauty on canvas is the common denominator. This planet is so diverse with

unlimited beauty. My endeavors to express its beauty, whether it’s a cityscape, a down-and-out musician,

or a rough-and-tumble athlete drives my persistence. My raison d’être is to provoke and inspire the

viewers to enjoy. Expressing beauty is the quest. These past few years I’ve been painting a lot of the

Southwest, Western, Cowboys, and Sports. Paying tribute to excellence and beauty is the path I’m

on. Well, as we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That makes my paintings only half of the

picture. They need a viewer, you, to complete the equation and give it personal meaning. I’ll keep painting,

hopefully growing creatively. The journey continues…

A short background— my early years were spent in Minnesota and then my family moved to San

Bernardino, CA. After high school, I got my Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design at San Jose

State University. A short time on active duty in the Army, I began free-lancinggraphic design which turned

into a 35-year career as a designer, art director, and principal of The Blank Company, a marketing and

graphic communications company in the Bay Area. In 2000, I took a year-long sabbatical to Paris and

that’s when I made the transition to fine art.

Contact: 702 324 2193 and